This site was just created so now is a good time to let me know what issues you have or if you have suggestions on little tips and tricks or shortcuts you wish to share. The main purpose in this site is to help you find more enjoyment in these great products and hopefully to assist you in those areas of genealogical research. You can expect to see more books in the near future on this site at a very reasonable price.

1. Ancestry Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

Ancestry Tricks & Shortcuts book cover

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Author: Steven Edward Merrill
Supporting website –
Table of Contents – link
Purchase the e-book – Amazon for $2.99

An easy to follow, unofficial guide offered at $2.99 to genealogical common sense time savers used in and Family Tree Maker.

I’ve been in the business of education for more years than I wish to remember and have found there is always someone who could use a little boost in this area of excitement finding some beautiful gems that make searching for distant family ever the more fun. Following are some examples found by “what if” poking around, drawing on my years of experience teaching college computer classes, and using previous experience with Windows-based computers and Macintosh as well.

This is the website to support the book I published recently should you have further questions or have a problem finding the little gems that I have provided. You will also be able to interact with others who have suggestions on how to make better use of and Family Tree Maker.


You may also find two additional books, one of which I placed online and still working on the other. I’m  working on these for my two aunts and expect the demand for each to eclipse my initial offering. These are:


2. Barnwood and Lace

Author: Jane-Ann Heitmueller
Table of Contents – link
Purchase the e-book – Amazon for $5.99

A book you will find hard to put down

This new e-book includes a collection of stories and poems created over the years, many of which have been published in several periodicals and online publications. For the past several years, she has contributed a story each month to the “Old Tennessee Valley Magazine”. More recently, she has been submitting articles to a series for OTV called “Welcome to The World of a Geriatric Caregiver” finding among all the weariness, worry, tears and toil, there is that wonderful healing thing called laughter.  You will find a great many stories and poems enhanced with accompanying photographs never published before as well as providing more insight into how Mrs Heitmueller came to be so creative and why she began to write. Mrs Heitmueller has won many awards and is recognized for her quick wit and beautiful expression of even the most common occurrences we all take for granted. This is a book you will read from cover to cover and want to share with others. Be sure to visit the future supporting website for more details and a place to contact the author.

This e-book has just been released and is available for purchase on Amazon.


book cover Walter Walker Brown

Soon to be offered on Amazon.

3. Walter Walker Brown Sr of Virginia and Tennessee and his Descendants

Author: Rebecca Davis Henderson
Supporting website: soon
Table of Contents – soon
Purchase the e-book – possibly late 2016

This e-book includes most of the original 670 pages of Tennessee Browns and allied families originally published in 1994 and has been much sought after by many genealogists researching this geographic area. More than ten years of research by Mrs Henderson went into the creation of the original book and it is now being offered again in a searchable e-book format. Many more updates are included in this new release due to newer technologies bringing to light more documentation from primary sources. You can expect a wealth of information if you are searching the families of early central Tennessee, Virginia and the Carolinas. Allied families with more details include the Breece, DePriest, Hensley and Johnsons.

The e-book “Walter Walter Brown Sr of Virginia and Tennessee” will be offered on Amazon in late 2016 in celebration of the book’s 20th anniversary. A link will be provided above on this page when it is ready for purchase.

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