Ancestry-Tricks-&-Shortcuts-8x11Here is the current Ancestry Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts 2013 Table of Contents to let you know what you will find within the book with a few links to some of the more popular topics.

Having Your Cake and Eating it too
Finding Children in the Census Easily
Temporary Marking of a Possible Duplicate
Temporary Marking to Find the Person Easier
Permanently Marking a Direct Ancestor for Easier Location Later
Locating Your Immigrant Ancestors Quickly
Adding a Child, Checking to See if They are Already in Your Database
Be Consistent
Location, Location, Location
Searching within a screen
Updating (Refreshing) the Browser screen
Working with Hints  Using two Browser Windows
Adding Parents and Children Quickly
Navigating Back to Previous Pages
Working with Family Tree Maker 2012® and®
Duplicate Individuals
Same Record in Two Families
Date Organization on Individual Page
DNA Tips
Using the Add Note for Future Selections
Documenting the Researchers I have a Common Ancestor with
Finding Relatives of the Same Ancestor at a Glance
Going Directly to the Page You Last Visited
Creating Tasks
Using Ancestry’s “My To-do List”
Using your email as a quick reminder
Updating files|
Deleting Unwanted Duplicate People in Family View
Editing “Add a Story”
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