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“Barnwood and Lace”

“Barnwood and Lace”

Barnwood and Lace

book cover Barnwood and LaceAuthor: Jane-Ann Heitmueller
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This new e-book includes a collection of stories and poems created over the years by well known author Jane-Ann Heitmueller, many of which have been published in several periodicals and online publications. For the past three years she has contributed a story each month to the “Old Tennessee Valley Magazine”. More recently she has been contributing articles to a series for OTV called “Welcome to The World of a Geriatric Caregiver” finding among all the weariness, worry, tears and toil, there is that wonderful healing thing called laughter.  You will find a great many stories and poems enhanced with accompanying photographs never published before as well as providing more insight into how Mrs Heitmueller came to be so creative and why she began to write. Mrs Heitmueller has won many awards and is recognized for her quick wit and beautiful expression of even the most common occurrences we all take for granted. This is a book you will read from cover to cover and want to share with others. Update: The e-book “Barnwood and Lace” is in its final stages of completion and will soon be released on Amazon. A link will be provided on this page when it is ready for purchase or visit Amazon and type in the title; Barnwood and Lace. For now, take a look at the table of contents and read a few and see if you are not immediately drawn in. What they’re saying:

“I enjoy reading whatever Jane Ann Heitmueller writes.  Always easy reading.  Always interesting.  Many memories, since I was raised in the same part of the country. Great Talent!” – Jean Holt

“I attended school with Jane-Ann and we recently reconnected. She is a very special individual and I love reading her poems and articles.  So very proud to know her!  Looking forward to reading “Barnwood and Lace”.” – Denise Wood Plaia

“Jane-Ann is a terrific writer, isn’t she? We’re honored to have the privilege of publishing her work here at USADEEPSOUTH. Thanks for writing!” – Ye Editor

“As a neighbor to Jane Ann Heitmueller, I’ve witnessed many of the family celebrations through the years on Mulberry Farm. The meaning of the occasion and abundance of special homemade goodies and treats, along with the relatives of the Heitmueller clan will forever be in our memories. Thanks for the opportunity to allow us to share in the fun! Your friend and neighbor,” – Concetta Kreps

“I cannot believe how LUCKY I am to be a part of Old Tennessee Valley Magazine. We’ve been doing this for 18 years now, and every month it’s a treasure hunt of “what can we find now?” A conversational anecdote of mine is of how very proud I was of our very first issue — quickly followed by an extreme panic attack: “What are THE WORLD we going to do for NEXT month’s issue?” Well, that has not been a problem thanks to fabulous regular contributors like Jacque Procter Reeves, Greg Jones, Sherry Summers Marine, Jane-Ann Heitmueller, Jerry Smith, Gloria Arthur, Rita Birdsong, and so many others. And we’ve gotten some new contributors that we’re so excited about — you’re going to love them if you don’t already! Thanks for liking us. We’ll try to keep up the good work, and will always have fun trying!” – Old Tennessee Valley Magazine & Mercantile Advertiser

Introduction of Family Tree Maker 2014

Introduction of Family Tree Maker 2014

An update to Family Tree Maker 2012 (Windows version)  just came out last week and is available for purchase or update now. It is called Family Tree Maker 2014 and it looks very much the same as the earlier version. This will be good news to those who don’t like change. There are a great many new features giving it a more robust feeling and should be quite a bit more stable. A 14-day free trial or extension can be applied. I downloaded my copy yesterday and have been trying out some of the new features all day. It’s a great product made better.

A 20% discount is applied (total payment of $31.99 plus tax) if you order it before September 30th. There are a few additional options you may take advantage of right now including

  • the ability for immediate download
  • software delivery on a DVD for an additional $9.95
  • extended download period of two years (normally 30 days) for $6.95
  • Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker 2014 printed version for $19.99 instead of $24.99

Go to for more details.


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Thank you

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