DNA ancestor page list

There is a quick way of finding just that person you want to view the tree of the next time you have time to research that certain family. I use a word processor or a text editor such as Notepad on a Windows computer or TextEdit on an Apple. Take a look to the right at the example I created as a quick reference organized by surname and grouped when two or more people have the same ancestor. This makes it  a quick way of getting back to a family I had an interest in and is also a way of seeing how many people I have connected with who have the same branch of that beautiful tree I am shaping.  This is a simple suggestion where I put the narrow columns first with the nickname (handle) of the person , the generation of my ancestor and then the ancestors sorted by surname of the primary.

Keep the file handy either on your hard drive of a laptop or on a jump drive for convenience. Remember though, that if you keep it on a jump drive, there is a greater possibility that it will either become lost due to the small size or damaged and made unusable.


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