Introduction of Family Tree Maker 2014

Introduction of Family Tree Maker 2014

An update to Family Tree Maker 2012 (Windows version)  just came out last week and is available for purchase or update now. It is called Family Tree Maker 2014 and it looks very much the same as the earlier version. This will be good news to those who don’t like change. There are a great many new features giving it a more robust feeling and should be quite a bit more stable. A 14-day free trial or extension can be applied. I downloaded my copy yesterday and have been trying out some of the new features all day. It’s a great product made better.

A 20% discount is applied (total payment of $31.99 plus tax) if you order it before September 30th. There are a few additional options you may take advantage of right now including

  • the ability for immediate download
  • software delivery on a DVD for an additional $9.95
  • extended download period of two years (normally 30 days) for $6.95
  • Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker 2014 printed version for $19.99 instead of $24.99

Go to for more details.


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