Mulberry Farm MemoriesMulberry Farm Memories – Stories and Poetry, A Sequel to Barnwood and Lace by author Jane-Ann Heitmueller is available in Kindle format just in time for Christmas  for your enjoyable reading. The following are some of the items you can read from the book’s Table of Contents with a smattering of links to existing articles around the Internet. Mrs Heitmueller has her own style of writing that brings you into her wonderful world of helping others allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of seeing others respond positively. There is also a bit of history  of how an extended family of dreamers were some of the founders of a town built on the promise of brighter future.

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Read examples of the stories and poems (when available) linked below and let Mrs. Heitmueller take you into another wonderful world.

Table of Contents


      A Magical Dirt Pile   
      Attic Treasures   
      Boys will be…   
      Cats Galore   
      The Christmas Bug   
      The Church House   
      Cousin Elsie   
      Cullman’s First Mobile Home   
      ‘Elementary, My Dear Watson’   
      The Fashion Lady   
      Henderson’s Store   
      Life’s Sunset   
      Love by the Spoonful   
      One for the Books   
      Remembering Jordan   
      Samson and Delilah   
      Saying Goodbye to Miss Fannie Lou   
      ‘Twas the Dead of Night   
      A Unique Landmark   
      What Might Have Been   

      A Tribute to Dr. Eugene A. Bownes   
      Arachnid Annoyance   
      Boy Oh Boy   
      Double Daughters   
      The Colors of Life   
      The Gals of ‘59   
      Hand in Hand   
      Jake’s Birthday   
      Maggie Mae   
      The Old Barn   
      One Hundred Years   
      Our Gift 
      Our One True Purpose   
      The Shack   
      They’re Home Now   
      This Stage of Age
      To be Truly Loved   
      Who Cares!
      You Touched Young Lives

Buy it on Amazon for only $4.99 and read all of the stories and poetry!