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“Walter Walker Brown Sr of Virginia and Tennessee and his Descendants”

“Walter Walker Brown Sr of Virginia and Tennessee and his Descendants”

Walter Walker Brown Sr of Virginia and Tennessee with allied families Breece, DePriest, Hensley and Johnson

Author: Rebecca Davis Henderson
Supporting website: soon
Table of Contents: soon

book cover Walter Walker Brown

Look for it in early 2014.

This e-book includes most of the original 670 pages of Tennessee Browns and allied families originally published in 1994 and has been much sought after by many genealogists researching this geographic area. More than ten years of research by Mrs Henderson went into the creation of the original book and it is now being offered again in a searchable e-book format. Many more updates are included in this new release due to newer technologies bringing to light more documentation from primary sources. You can expect a wealth of information if you are searching the families of early central Tennessee, Virginia and the Carolinas. Allied families with more details include the Breece, DePriest, Hensley and Johnsons.

Update: The e-book “Walter Walter Brown Sr of Virginia and Tennessee” will be offered on Amazon in early 2014 in celebration of the book’s 20th anniversary. A link will be provided on this page when it is ready for purchase.