Set as favorite starAfter a while, you may find you have quite a few connections with related cousins through your DNA test. I found a way to quickly see how we are related and through which ancestor at a glance.  Here are the steps I use to find the cousin AncestryDNA has conveniently connected me with at a later date when I have more time to devote to a certain branch of the family.

  1. When I find a related cousin that shares a common ancestor, I immediately click the star to the left of their name and set them as one of my favorites, of course. I can then choose the AncestryDNA Member Match area, filter by the Starred drop-down menu choice and there are all my cousins and their individual trees.
  2. While I have their tree in front of me, I click on the Add note link and put in relevant information how we are related so I don’t have to scroll down each time to see what common ancestor we have in common. Notice the yellow star and the “Mary Magdalene Stafford” note below. A little work at first saves a lot of searching later on.AncestryDNA Add note
  3. Split your screen with two browsers, one for your DNA connection and the other with either your email or your Ancestry page for the individual you wish to compare.

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