Your Journey Continues

JA Heitmueller


Perhaps one day decades from now your spark will reunite
With one who strives to resurrect your voice, your dreams,
Your life.

To them, you’re no more than a name penned on a lengthy list,
Passed down through generations from a husband, sibling, wife.

How sad to think they never knew the depth within your soul,
Or how you strived to live your days fulfilling every goal.

‘Tis such a shame they never sensed your gentle, sincere tone,
or caring words conveyed to those who often felt alone.

They never viewed your jovialness, your spitefulness, your glee,
Nor learned the joys and actions that made you ebullient, free.

None of your fears and sorrows, nor the scars you yet endure
Will ever be exposed to those who wonder, quite unsure.

Your silence can’t relay the many tales of family lore, the
Tears you shed, secrets you held or heartaches that you bore.

They’ll never see your radiant smile, nor feel your warm embrace
And view o’er time the depth of your unselfishness and grace.

Our Father’s word explicitly tells us we’re each unique and
Sent to earth guided by Him while our life’s path we seek.

So revel in your oneness, celebrate this person you and take
Time to record your deeds, your thoughts, your dreams…
They’re you!


     JA Heitmueller has become quite popular, both locally as well as outside her native home about which she writes. Her style of story telling captivates the reader and never lets go. Your part in your family tree may be more important than you realize.  Mrs. Heitmueller wasn’t “stumped” about how to express herself when she wrote about her place in the family heritage. To read more of her works, visit her other pages on this website:

Poem published with permission 21 January 2017.